ETHEREAL originated in ancient script "ETHER" was named for the imaginary spirit among ancient atmosphere and extended to "ETHEREAL" later, which means elegant, subtle or ethereal.
We take its implication to create a brand-new concept for eyewear, that is, ETHEREAL EYEWEAR leads the eyewear and its accessories into the colorful and infinite world of creativity with graceful posture and light footsteps.
With a comfortable, artistic and minimalist style, the unique design of ETHEREALEYEWEAR, based on the starting point of people, resorts to physically instinctive movements and feelings and returns to design essence to ponder over a simple and funny feel to wear, which is ETHEREAL EYEWEAR philosophy, elegant and subtle.
Basic geometric lines, patented design of annularly autogenous rotation shaft and coriaceous crystal newel of ETHEREALEYEWEAR are to form a perfectly structural mechanics. And its innocuous and environmental dyeing in nano makes the wearer enjoy the most beautiful shape with zero burdens on eyes.
The products with a returned essence of design and wearers’full range of needs are divided into seven series, which possess different demands and characteristics according to their diverse materials and applications.