Inheriting the most refined designs born in ancient cultural with thousands of years of history, we, in the application of glasses make, totally do not use one rivet to unite and abandon welding and screw, instead, to pursue completely and toughly pure structure and produce a more strong and perfect frame.


We have abandoned traditional screws and avoid welding damage with high temperature, designing ankle bracelet retractable structures shaped by autologous rotation. ETHEREAL EYEWEAR uses super titanium itself rough but light characteristics to rotate and take shape to follow metal’s unique texture.


End feet design of ETHEREAL EYEWEAR mushroom-shaped saw tooth provides larger deformation space as wearing stability is not changed, making each end feet fit the different face to support what wearers needed force perfectly and obediently.


Each lock matches a perfectly right and unique key, which ETHEREAL EYEWEAR use to combine two different kinds of materials successfully and success of a combination of two different materials, and create more possibility.