ETHEREAL EYEWEAR was created in March 2009.

With continuously invented and superior merchandise and users’ expectations, our excellent design team with rich experience which has taken advantage of new technology materials and patented design differed from current market to newly interpret the definition of simplicity and innovation, to back to the most natural feel for wearing and to make a unique style.

Brand Positioning

Wandering in built-up and towing office blocks and neon - twinkling department stores to observe people’s clothing accessories in different cities and to appreciate what is behind glaring appearance, you are even not exactly lead the trend.

If so, our products with brief style and decent luxury seem to be more perfect to draw the outline of each face lines. And we match the supply and comfortable designs with smooth glasses frame to extend an infinite world, making you a sense of “cold metal, great originality”, harmonious and coexisted.

Vision & Philosophy

With a dainty attitude but not make do with what we have, we only offer manual and limited edition products, achieving your uncompromising and exploring your another infinite world.