Stronger, Lighter and more Flexible Materials Make a Better ETHEREAL Eyewear.


Titanium used by ETHEREAL EYEWEAR re-refines by taking advantage of pure Titanium. It is a kind of super titanium with high-intensity but low-quality, possessing of excellent ductility and featuring silver-white metallic luster on the surface. As its substantially high Melting point (over 1,649°C), Titanium is a good refractory material, whose electric conductivity and thermal conductivity are low. Bore a special bio-compatibility (nontoxic and not rejected by the body), ETHEREAL EYEWEAR Titanium, even of large doses, is not likely to cause any adversely reacting human body when applying in medical or human exposure equipment that includes surgical instrument and implants. The glasses made from ETHEREAL EYEWEAR titanium features corrosion, nontoxicity, anti-allergic, non-conducting electromagnetic waves, difficult deformation, excellent flexibility, lightness, and over 45% of the maximum intensity - weight ratio compared with steel and other unique characteristics.


NXT (Memory Plastic) is a patent material invented by US military, whose materials are identical with nacelle cover of Apache combat helicopters, as well as bullet-proof glass. Its tough and high strain exceeded carbon fiber, and surface managed by wear hardening technology in Italy factory not only can keep frame color brighter for a long time, but also make the frame a chemical tolerance and heat resistance better than a common plastic frame. Memory plastic, with1.8-2.0mm thickness is a kind of synthetic materials of low specific gravity, good luster, super anti-friction, highly elasticity and high toughness that is uneasily to make lens broken when fit or adjust lens on spectacles frame. ETHEREAL EYEWEAR made from Memory Plastic possesses of good properties for high rigidity, shocking resistance, low fading rate, long validity, anti-UV, high light transmittance, bright colors, and comfortable wear.


Nose pads and end tips are the only part of eyeglasses contacted with the human. And the materials of ETHEREAL EYEWEAR nose pads and end-tips is a kind of medical silica gel, which will not change its properties affected by temperature situations thus it can keep a stable physical shape to maintain a lens visibility for wearers when wear it to touch skin. Also, the materials itself will not release any harmful substances; you are safe to wear, even the one who is prone to allergy.


Tube of ETHEREAL EYEWEAR is a kind of organic fiber composite material used in aerospace science and technology. In order to deal with the problems of friction loss caused by switching each spectacles’ glasses legs up to tens of thousands of time and strain feedback occurred in normal concussion, ETHEREAL EYEWEAR takes advantage of different composite materials’ multiple efficiency to promise Tube’s rough hardness on vertical plane and soft anti-friction coefficient on horizontal plane to make sure spectacles’ safety and wearers’ comfort, playing a importantly key role perfectly.